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Alpha Chapter
Monday, January 13, 1913

The Mothers of Delta Sigma Theta

Osceola MaCarthy Adams
Marguerite Young Alexander
Winona Cargile Alexander
Ethel Cuff Black
Bertha Pitts Campbell
Zephyr Chisom Carter
Edna Brown Coleman
Jessie McGuire Dent
Frederica Chase Dodd
Myra Davis Hemmings
Olive C. Jones
Jimmie Bugg Middleton
Pauline Orberdorfer Minor
Vashti Turley Murphey
Naomi Sewell Richardson
Mamie Reddy Rose
Eliza P. Shipper
Florence Letcher Toms
Ethel Carr Watson
Wertie Blackwell Weaver
Madree Penn White
Edith Motte Young

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